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Pez witch & whatnot

So I was at Pezamania 16 “Way back” in 2006 in Cleveland. Long story short: I won one of the two “Mega Bingos” and won two Pez dispensers. Well, I gave the one to my then-girlfriend Kate (who paid for the trip, our room, gas, etc.; all on the condition I went with her). That was the pineapple one, valued then around $800… The other one, a rare witch valued at $600 at the time (Confirmed by┬áJohn Gliha who purchased it for the event), I hung on to thinking I’d give it to her on a later day. That relationship didn’t work out, and the Pez witch that was 1/2 of the Mega Bingo prize has been sitting in my filing cabinet ever since. I really don’t collect Pez, and I figure this would be better in a collector’s hands than mine – not to mention that I have bills to pay and a Pez dispenser worth several hundred dollars, maybe more, is not exactly something I can use to pay car repair bills, the mortgage, diapers… you know. I’m selling the whole package as shown:

  • The Witch dispenser
  • The other dispensers I got during Pezamania 16 including the official Pezamania 16 bear thingy.
  • The unworn, unopened XL shirt.
  • The unopened candies, including the bingo winner one. Note, I can’t promise that 8+ year-old Pez will still be any way edible.
  • The calculator, notepad, and pin
  • My nametag and lanyard.
  • The manila folder, room list, event schedule, etc.

I was able to find this picture from someone else of the mega bingo prize. But rather than linking someone else’s photos, it’s much better to use mine – not to mention mine are better quality. So here are a few photos. The links go to the full-sized images. The first is from the day I won it, on our hotel bed. The others are from today.

Mega Bingo PrizeDSC_0279DSC_0274DSC_0275DSC_0276DSC_0277DSC_0278